South Area Garage Buildings 1 & 2

Manufacturer: Soprema
South Area Garage (BLDG’s #1 and #2) consisted of two (2) different buildings, both with different scenarios. Building #1 had two (2) different elevations but both were low-sloped roofing systems. The upper roof area was a built-up modified roofing system that was installed over a tectum deck while the low section was a built-up modified roofing system installed over a plywood deck. We were too remove the existing roofing system(s) down to the existing decking and install a built-up Soprema roofing system. On the upper section, we encountered various pieces of tectum that needed to be replaced. As for the lower section, when we started removing the existing roofing system, we noticed that the decking was disintegrating due to termites. The “owner” said that the lower section wasn’t being utilized that that it was best that they just demolish this section. The upper section was still acceptable and we completed the roof per the specified specifications. Building #2 was an office space that was a Steep-Slope Shingle roofing system that exceeded its life expectancy. The owner wanted to ensure a roof that will have a significant longevity so they decided to install an extra layer of underlayment. We removed the existing shingles and underlayment and replaced it with new 30# felt, Polystick TU Plus underlayment, and then new dimensional shingles.

Project Low-Sloped Square Footage: 6,200 Square Feet
Project Steep-Sloped Square Footage: 3,000 Square Feet
Project Duration: 1-Week
Project Warranty: No Warranty was Applicable
Special Challenge: As we started getting the deck exposed, we realized that termites had overtaken and destroyed all the trusses and sheathing.
Project Photos: (Before, In-Progress, After):