Visual Signs

The home should have straight, clean outlines with no visible indications of bending and sinking. If you see that the roof is sinking, from the inside or the outside, the snow’s weight is substantial for your home. Utility pipes connected at the ceiling may likewise start to curve or bend from the developing change in shape of your home’s structure integrity. Clean the snow from your roof as soon as possible, before conditions intensify. If you notice any area split or crack, leave your house immediately and contact your local roofing contractor.


Windows and Door Frames

At the point when your home structure is put under huge amounts of pressure from snow, you could see peculiar occurrences concerning the windows and the doors. If doors open by themselves, or if they get hard to open or close, the frame is probably bending under the weight of the snow. Windows may turn out to be progressively hard to open and close. You should remove snow from your roofing system when you notice these cautioning signs. If windows and doors become almost unmanageable to open or if windows start cracking, vacate your home as soon as you can.


The sounds of delicate creaking, cracking and squeaking are normal in both older and new homes. However, it is a hazardous sign in the event you begin to hear the cracking or squeaking sounds all the more regularly, or only, when there is a snow on your roofing system. At the point when brought on by an overwhelming snow weight, these sounds are indicators that the integrity of your home is under weight and stress. If you start to hear clamors and creaking, remove the snow from your roofing system immediately, but if they start to appear frequent, get out of your home, you might need a roof replacement.

Snow Removal

Continuously keep your roof clean and snow-free. You can use snow rakes which are available to purchase in almost any home maintenance and repair store, permit you to clean the snow from your roofing system with the help of a long handle. When available, use a snow rake to clean snow as before or at the moment of warning signs listed above show up. Keep in mind, that snow rakes made out of metal can conduct electricity. Be very alert and use caution when using them. Additionally, avoid using ladders at all cost because they can collect ice and can be very dangerous to climb during the winter. Best idea would be to contact your local roofing contractor if you need to remove snow from your roof.

So in conclusion, during the winter, keep your roof clear of the snow and if you see any warning signs we talked about, immediately contact your roofing contractor and evacuate your house because your roof most likely requires repair.

by A&H Forensic Roofing LLC