Whenever we think about roofing inspection, many times, we don’t add it to the priority list. This is true with almost every homeowner. The mistake we often do is that we always take roofs for granted until we find some leakage. It’s time for us to understand that a regular attention to your roofing would take it a long way. As a leading roofing contractor of Raleigh, we would suggest you have your roofs inspected at least two times a year. Do you wonder what’s actually involved in a roofing inspection? Continue reading to know them here…

Basically, the roofing inspection will involve three steps:

Interior Inspection:

As a first step, the roofing contractor will examine the interiors of your house to check the ceilings, walls, as well as attic areas. This would let them know whether your roof has been affected by the wind, water, or hail. As you might be aware, the leaks inside your home are the clear signs that your roof is damaged and needs to be attended immediately.

Exterior Roofing Inspection:

Next, the inspector will go along the perimeter of your home to note the status of the following elements:

  • Chimneys
  • Gutters
  • Vents
  • Flashing points

In addition, the sidings and eaves of your home will be checked for any water stains and other damage indications. Next, your flashing, vents, and chimney regions will be checked. As such, they will able to figure out the common roofing issues.

Exterior Gutter Inspection:

Finally, the status of your gutters will be examined. As such, the inspector will look for the issues like inappropriate installation, debris buildup, and warped materials. They will also look for other problems holes, leaks, and much more.

While you might be capable of checking your roofs for damage by yourself, you would need the professional help because they have the skills, tools, as well as knowledge to spot even the obscure problems. For more information about the roofing inspection and the roofing repairs, feel free to contact us.