Wake up, homeowners! Are you seeing a damp spot on your ceiling? Is water trickling through your roof? Well, it might be the time for a roof replacement. A roof can last up to thirty years or sometimes, even more, depending upon the material it is made from. But, there are chances that your roof got damaged or failed prematurely due to some external factors like:

  • Falling debris
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Ice

In addition to these, any structural issues with roof vents, flashing, or the chimneys could also cause some damage to your roofing system. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to go for roof replacement if there is damage. Sometimes, just a repair could solve your problem. So, how to determine whether a replacement for your roof is required? Read the following article…

How old is your Roof?

If the age of your roof is twenty years or less, then it would make sense to check whether the damage can be repaired. In such cases, a simple repair could add up another ten to twenty years of service to your roof. However, if you are facing some significant issues or roof has come to the end of its service date, you are recommended to invest in a new roof.

Type of Damage:

The type, as well as the degree of damage faced by your roof, is an important factor in determining whether a roof replacement is needed. If the damage is limited to a missing shingle due to some external factors, all you need is a shingle replacement and not roof replacement. But, when there are many shingles missing, then you must start planning for a new roof.

Cost Factor:

Obviously, the smaller repairs would tend to cost lower. Therefore, if a simple replacement or repair can solve your problem, just go for it. But, if you have a higher budget and want a new look to your roof, then go with the replacement and you won’t have any problem for years to come.

Apart from the repairs and replacement options, there is something called ‘partial replacement’. You can choose this if the damage is limited to only one area of the roof. But remember this might cost more than a complete replacement.

If you still find it difficult to determine if you need a roof replacement, then contact us, we will help you!