Are you thinking about repairing roofs in Raleigh NC? Before starting to search for the good repairing services in Raleigh NC, take a minute to consider the following aspects. We, as a leading service provider in Raleigh NC, are able to provide good assistance in your decision-making process. So, without delay, go on to learn the factors that are to be considered in your tile roof repair here…

Examine the Tile Roof:

Yes obviously, the first factor to consider in your roof repair is your tile. Examine if there are any broken tiles. If yes, try to come up with an estimate of how many broken tiles are there. If the estimate comes around 50% or more, then you need to go for a complete replacement. Remember, to try and repair your tile roof with about 50% of broken tiles will not be a recommended option as it won’t be cost-effective.

Examine the Underlayment System:

If your tile roof is quite older, then it would be having some kind of underlayment system such as traditional felt paper. As you might be aware, the thickness of the felt paper would be ranging from 30 lb to 90 lb. You need to examine this system before you decide upon repairing your tile roof. It’s vital because your roof tiles are porous and hence, they are not resistant to water. It’s your underlayment system that is keeping your roof watertight.

Examine the Flashing System:

It’s important to check the flashing system, as well as the penetration flashing while repairing roofs in Raleigh NC. This is because it would enable us to determine their remaining service period. If you can find that they are in good condition, you can just opt repairing your damaged tiles to add several more years of service to your existing roof.

If you still have questions regarding the factors to consider for tile roof repair, feel free to contact our roof repair experts today!