Project Name: Resident #4

Manufacturer: Union Corrugating Metals
Resident #4 was located in Durham, North Carolina, and was a fun project to be part of. While not only did this project involve a unique shed and water-supply overhang, it also had various exotic animals roaming around, especially with the goats that followed us everywhere to keep us company. We were contracted to remove and replace all the metal roof panels with a new Metal Roofing System using Union Corrugating products. During the removal of the existing roof panels, we ended up encountering a significant amount of deteriorated supports that needed to be replaced. After rectifying the supports, we were able to fluidly install the panels, and flashings.

Square Footage: 1,800 Square Feet
Project Duration: < Week
Project Warranty: Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty
Special Challenge: With working on a project located on a farm, it creates certain attention throughout all species around. With that said, the animals were intrigued and attracted the crew’s attention consistently!
Project Photos: (Before, In-Progress, After):