Pavilion Plaza

Manufacturer: Polyglass & Versico
Pavilion Plaza, located in Naples, Florida, is a shopping plaza that encompassed 53,300 square feet of roof. A&H Forensic Roofing was awarded this Re-Roofing Project in 2016. When working on a shopping center, especially one of this stature with 36 tenants, can be very challenging. This particular project had two (2) different roof specifications for the roofing systems being installed; complete roof replacement and roof recovery systems. A&H installed a TPO Roof Recovery Roof System for 19,200 square feet, which entailed removing all the gravel to expose the existing roofing system, repair as necessary, mechanically attach a new coverboard through the existing roofing system, followed by mechanically attaching a 60-mil TPO (Single-Ply) Roofing System. For the Roof Replacement areas that consisted of 34,100, we removed the existing roofing system down to the steel deck, mechanically attached a polyisocyanurate insulation board, followed by installing a 3-Ply Modified Roofing System. Equity One achieved a 20-Year No-Dollar-Limit (NDL) Manufacturer’s Warranty. And a 5-Year A&H Forensic Roofing Warranty and Maintenance Agreement!

Single-Ply Square Footage: 19,200 Square Feet
Modified Square Footage 34,100 Square Feet
Project Duration: 1-Month
Project Warranty: 20-Year No-Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty
Special Challenge: Project started in August along the East Coast of Florida where rain was consistent.
Project Photos: (Before, In-Progress, After):