Started with the intention to provide a high standard of customer service with quality execution, A&H Forensic Roofing has striven for excellence from the very beginning. We understand the importance of keeping your family or business safe. Our small business approach and big levels of expectation create a company you can trust with one of the most crucial pieces of your structure. Our team is highly educated in the engineering aspect of roofing, so you can trust there’s no guessing involved. As an experienced company, we are able to provide service in roof restorations, repairs, replacements, and inspections. For surprises like storms or a tree falling, we have a 24-hour emergency service, where we are able to send out a team at any given time.

At A&H our customers are our priority. We won’t ask for your trust until our project is complete. Roofing is more than our job, it’s our craft. When you get an inspection with us, you can trust us to be honest and upfront. Once the inspection is complete, we will give a comprehensive report as well as a solution to any problems that may have been detected in the process. Don’t wait, call A&H today! Proudly serving the Garner area.