Project Name: RESIDENT #3

Manufacturer: Mule-Hide

Resident #3 is a residential project that pertained only to a portion of the residence, and while the square footage wasn’t that extreme, had very unusual characteristics and obstacles present. While most roofing companies turned this down due to the project being located on a single narrow dirt road and its complexity, was referred to our company from a previous client who was informed of his difficulties and felt that we were the best solution given our forensic intuition and abilities to problem solve. The only obstacle we encountered was its access to load/unload material, download trash, and transport it to our dumpster. The project’s existing roofing system was a Built-Up Roofing System but we were able to provide the owner with a 45-mil TPO (single-ply) Roof Recovery System. After removing all the gravel, replaced all the penetrations, flashings, and thru-wall chimney sheet metal, mechanically attached a coverboard, followed by fully adhering the TPO itself.

Project Square Footage: 960 Square Feet
Project Duration: < Week
Project Warranty: 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Special Challenge: Access was extremely limited with everything being transported by hand.
Project Photos: 


Manufacturer: Polyglass & Versico

Pavilion Plaza, located in Naples, Florida, is a shopping plaza that encompassed 53,300 square feet of roof. A&H Forensic Roofing was awarded this Re-Roofing Project in 2016. When working on a shopping center, especially one of this stature with 36 tenants, can be very challenging. This particular project had two (2) different roof specifications for the roofing systems being installed; complete roof replacement and roof recovery systems. A&H installed a TPO Roof Recovery Roof System for 19,200 square feet, which entailed removing all the gravel to expose the existing roofing system, repair as necessary, mechanically attach a new coverboard through the existing roofing system, followed by mechanically attaching a 60-mil TPO (Single-Ply) Roofing System. For the Roof Replacement areas that consisted of 34,100, we removed the existing roofing system down to the steel deck, mechanically attached a polyisocyanurate insulation board, followed by installing a 3-Ply Modified Roofing System. Equity One achieved a 20-Year No-Dollar-Limit (NDL) Manufacturer’s Warranty and a 5-Year A&H Forensic Roofing Warranty and Maintenance Agreement!

Single-Ply Square Footage: 19,200 Square Feet
Modified Square Footage 34,100 Square Feet
Project Duration: 1-Month
Project Warranty: 20-Year No-Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty
Special Challenge: Project started in August along the East Coast of Florida where rain was consistent.
Project Photos: