Project Name: Resident #4

Manufacturer: Union Corrugating Metals

Resident #4 is located in Durham, North Carolina, and was a fun project to be part of. While not only did this project involve a unique shed and water-supply overhang, it also had various exotic animals roaming around, especially with the goats that followed us everywhere to keep us company. We were contracted to remove and replace all the metal roof panels with a new Metal Roofing System using Union Corrugating products. During the removal of the existing roof panels, we ended up encountering a significant amount of deteriorated supports that needed to be replaced. After rectifying the supports, we were able to fluidly install the panels, and flashings.

Square Footage: 1,800 Square Feet
Project Duration: < Week
Project Warranty: Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty
Special Challenge: Animals were intrigued and attracted the crew’s attention consistently!
Project Photos:


Manufacturer: BEMO USA

Nature of Work: Total Program Management Project. Project includes the design and construction of replacing the existing tile roofing system with a standing seam roofing system Construction phase include: remove and dispose of existing tile roofing system and replace with new .050 mill finish aluminum standing seam metal roofing system by BEMO USA including all related cover boards, underlayment, accessories, flashing and trim. There was various areas of deteriorated decking that needed to be removed and replaced, as well as new crickets installed to ensure proper drainage.

Project Square Footage: 24,600 Square Feet
Project Duration: 4-Months
Project Warranty: 20-Year No-Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty
Special Challenge: Classes were on-going and work had to be completed at specific time-frames
Project Photos:

Project Name: OLDCASTLE


Oldcastle Precast – Brooks Products, Oldcastle is located in Medley, Florida right off the Palmetto Expressway. It is an industrial warehouse that manufacturers high quality precast concrete products and due to the continuously busy atmosphere with products being delivered and received, we had to ensure not to delay them. This project consisted of installing a complete roof restoration as we were just in the right time frame to catch the roof in its “window of restorability” before the panels became too affected. We had to put extra effort in the metal panels starting with scrubbing the panels with a specialized degreaser to remove any and all loose materials, pressure wash the panels, apply a rust converter / primer to ensure curing of any further oxidation and create a suitable surface for proper adhesion, apply a mixture consisting of a micro-fine manufactured high-tensile polyethylene fiber thickener compound along with silicone to (for increased tensile strength) at 8,200 linear feet of panel seams and over 18,000 fasteners, followed by applying the silicone base coat, and completing with the final silicone application, ensuring to achieve 20-mils (total dry mils). We were also contracted to remove and replace all existing thirty-two (32) skylights, which took extra precaution and extreme care. Oldcastle achieved a 10-Year Complete System (NDL) Warranty

Project Square Footage: 16,500 Square Feet
Project Duration: 2-Weeks
Project Warranty: 10-Year Complete System (NDL) Warranty
Special Challenge: Working around the thirty-two (32) skylights caused extreme caution.
Project Photos: